TGN Trusted Provider Partner Level

$99.95 / Month

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Partners are businesses and merchants fully committed to actively contributing, supporting, and facilitating the positive advancement of their community through their business activity. Partners are exceptionally concerned with their community image and understand the importance of facilitating the process of promoting their business through efforts that maximize their marketing efforts towards retention and attracting clients by being highly active in the positive development of their patrons and their communities.

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Marketing support and assistance (additional charges may apply)
* Complimentary Business development workshops & clinics
* Featured as a GroSource trusted provider & community oriented
leader in your industry.
* Custom video production and marketing (additional charges may
* Custom client & community oriented promotional support
* Video endorsements (additional charges may apply)
* Featured Full Page Directory Listing
* CRM, Social media, and Direct marketing support
* Campaign involvement and endorsement during GroSource events
& activities (custom campaigns available additional charges apply)
* Discounted web development services
* TGN Provider support


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