Do Your Part

Be The Difference That Truly Makes A Difference





Be a part of a growing group dedicated & committed to doing our part towards actively bettering & improving our communities.

The greatest way of “Doing My Part” in the community is through neighboring. By neighboring, we grow as individuals and as a community. We become better versions of ourselves–more self-aware, more selfless, and more focused on others. Leading to stronger communities.

We are always looking for TGN Ambassadors who are passionate about making a difference in their community. If you have great organization & people skills & enjoy being social & community oriented, connect with us.


working together we use the power of technology & communication to motivate, encourage, empower, & inspire others towards growth & excellence.

TGN strategically utilizes the power & reach of the technological advancements in communication to facilitate the growth & wellbeing of our community. We collectively group & work together to create, promote, & inspire excellence through empowerment & self development. 

We focus on encouraging  & most of all inspiring our community to be impactful mentors & catalyst of positive self development & improved efficacy. Through the power of synergy we become the difference that truly makes a major positive difference.


Join the grosource network (tgn) & get involved in being the difference that truly makes a difference in the community & earn extra income doing you part

Engage the community through creating, promoting, and supporting community building campaigns such as:

  • Promoting TGN Trusted Providers.
  • Support TGN giveaways,. awards, recognition, and activities.
  • Supporting community building programs, events and activities.
  • Sharing and distributing beneficial information, resources, and more…

You will be amazed and surprised by the personal rewards you will experience, the new friends you will make, & the fun you will have. All while  increasing your efficacy & earning extra income easily. 

Other major opportunities you will enjoy are:

  • Receiving gifts, prizes, and other incentives 
  • Finding  great rewards in being socially active, positively contributing to the betterment of your community, &  having loads of fun.

Start doing your part actively creating, promoting, sharing  & supporting activities, events, & content with the intent to empower & encourage others to contribute & inspire excellence & harmony within our communities.